7 thoughts on “Animated Critics – Ep 1: Mission Impossible 4

  1. Yes Quantum of Solace was the highest grossing Bond film. By $1 million dollars. Here’s the unadjusted domestic (US) box office for the Brosnan and Craig Bond films. Notice the tight grouping. Does it move? Of course it does, but very slowly. Stagnation doesn’t mean failure, it just means that the grosses aren’t moving very quickly to $200 million. It’s taken them over ten years to get it to move over $50 million, and a lot of that is probably ticket price inflation. So you are correct when you say Bond is doing fine.

    Quantum of Solace – $168,368,427 (2008)
    Casino Royale – $167,445,960 3,443 (2006)
    Die Another Day – $160,942,139 (2002)
    The World Is Not Enough – $126,943,684 (1999)
    Tomorrow Never Dies – $125,304,276 (1997)
    GoldenEye – $106,429,941 (1995)

  2. “Please check your facts, Casino Royale was not the highest grossing Bond film domestically(U.S), that distinction would go to ‘Quantum Of Solace’.”

    Quantum of Solace came out after Casino Royale. That still makes my memory of Casino Royale being the most successful Bond film at the box office a valid one.

    So you’re saying the latest Bond film was the highest grossing Bond film? That just makes your assertion that the Bond franchise has stagnated look even sillier. Bond’s doing just fine.

  3. In response to your comment…While the bond series grew with Brosnan in the lead each film out-grossing the last. The Bond franchise has been on the same box office plateau since 2002. The last three films in the series have grossed between 160-170 in unadjusted dollars. Please check your facts, Casino Royale was not the highest grossing Bond film domestically(U.S), that distinction would go to ‘Quantum Of Solace’. In relative terms both the ‘Bourne’&’Mission Impossible’ franchise have each had installments that grossed in excess of $215 million apiece. No Bond film has reached the 200 million mark domestically. Mi:4 has a very good chance at that, after the disappointment of ‘Quantum’ can you say the same for the next Bond movie?

  4. The Bond franchise stagnated? I remember Casino Royale was the most successful Bond movie ever at the box office. These two don’t know what they’re talking about.

  5. I think we can all agree that MI4 has the potential to gross higher than Casino Royale or The Bourne Ultimatum as MI2 did very well but in terms of the physical data MI3 which was released in the same year did nowhere near as well at the box office as Casino Royale did. I mean based on the last 3 installments of all 3 franchises MI3 did the worst. For me something new has to be brought to the table, whilst J.J Abrams did great work in rebooting the Star Trek Franchise his Mission Impossible endevour seemed lack luster and he’s writing MI4? They need a new director and a new vision, you go from Brian De Palma, to John Woo, to J.J, bring in some new directorial blood. Like with the Alien series you have Ridley Scott, then Cameron, then Fincher and then Jean Perre Juenet… you need a new director whose got some weight to his name. And you need to bring back the team aspect to the mission impossible franchise. Sorry for any spelling mistakes its 5am in Australia and my brai is fried.

  6. You’re correct that the Bond franchise is not a failure. The point is that they don’t seem to be able to grab any new viewers. The producers obviously thought that something needed to be done with the upset of swapping out Pierce Brosnan in favor of Daniel Craig. But even with that reboot they were unable to move the gross. Mission Impossible 4 has real potential for breaking past those Bond numbers again, just as the first and second did.

  7. The last two Bond movies alone took in over 1 billion dollars working off a production budget of 400-450 (including advertising). This is before Home Video sales and merchandising…

    Hard to consider it a stagnant failure…

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