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This movie should be a real treat in 3d. The new one sheet has a nice layout, but it looks too fake and pretty generic. Cinematographer on the film, Glen MacPherson had this to say, “They sent me the script for this one and it just read really ‘big’, plus it’s the return of Paul Ws. Anderson to the franchise. I just saw the director’s cut a few weeks ago and it’s got these really elaborate action sequences, like I said, its ‘big’. It also makes great use of the 3D; it’s not some hokey gimmick. It’s going to be the kind of movie you sit back with your bucket of popcorn and enjoy.” – Read The Full Interview

Resident Evil Afterlife One Sheet

4 thoughts on “New Resident Evil Afterlife One Sheet – News

  1. Im going to agree with resfan4ever on all points, since she is with the director its pretty obvious it would be all about her, they should rename the franchise to Alice and friends vs. the undead.

  2. resfan4ever, you make some decent points. I think the real problem here is that the movie franchise has taken a life of its own. Instead of feeding plots from the games they are now just running with whatever keeps people coming into theaters. Which in this case is Milla Jovovich and insane action. I played some of the games, but I found them to be fairly non-enganging so it doesn’t bother me that they’ve taken the basic post-apocalyptic type plot and ran with their own ideas.

  3. I used to be a big Milla Jovovich fan, but she isnt being fair when it comes to resident Evil, she has managed to make the Resident Evil films about her and her only, she has manipulated people to make her become a mary sue character and its a shame. I thought that she might be the first main character in the first film but in the second film someone else might take over! I thought that after the first film, the second film would lead into the games style of storyline and we would have a great series on our hands but it never happened. The third film was dire and not keeping in spirit of the game and before people start saying ‘well the films have to be different’ well why use the title resident Evil in the first place?

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