3 thoughts on “Animated Critics Ep 7: The Perception of Inception

  1. You clowns – Joseph G Levitt will be cast as the Joker, not the Riddler. Look closely – he has very similar features to Heath ledger. He’s the perfect surrogate. We know Nolan likes to recycle actors. Mark my words – Inception was Levitt’s training to become the new Joker. He has the looks to pull it off, and very likely the acting ability to.

  2. What a load on nonsense. It’s like these two ‘critics’ decided to pan the film in order to show that they weren’t sucked. Pretentious fools.

  3. I didn’t like the ending. And all the stuff that happened at the end, when they go inside one dream after the other was confusing. I never would have thought this movie would have made so much.

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