‘The Hunger Games’ to Get a Limited IMAX Run

After Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Underworld have shown surprisingly hefty IMAX grosses studios are eager to exploit the format (and higher ticket prices) on their own films. Audiences burnt out on 3D have seemingly turned to the large screen presentation as an alternative to the in your face distractions that seem to burden films today. Lionsgate studios has announced a limited one week engagement for The Hunger Games at IMAX locations across the country. The film opens March 23 2012. Studio head Joe Drake had this to say about the news.

“With this news, the release of The Hunger Games has truly become an epic event. The Hunger Games and IMAX are a match made in heaven — fans love this book because its world is so vividly imagined and seeing the film in IMAX will make them feel as if they have landed right in the middle of the action. It is the ideal way for fans to experience this film for the first time.”

3 thoughts on “‘The Hunger Games’ to Get a Limited IMAX Run

  1. The casting seems to be spot on, and visually it looks fantastic! I’m stoked that the film’s going to be released in IMAX!
    I’m just about finished the first book and will be jumping into the 2nd immediately once I finish. A really enjoyable series, and from the trailers it appears the films may do the books justice.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! I’m just starting the second book, and the thing I like most about the movie is the cast. Tell me Woody Harrelson isn’t perfect for Haymitch, and I’ve been liking Jennifer Lawrence in everything I see her in. I knew the cast before I read the book so I imagined them as the characters while reading – perfect fit.

      1. If I were casting the movie, I don’t know that I could find someone better suited to play Haymitch. Jennifer Lawrence has been fantastic in everything (and let me tell you, after seeing her in person at the Oscars last year….she’s a vision of beauty I won’t soon forget!). I really hope/think they nailed this one.

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