6 Highly Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2013

2013 already appears to be much more encouraging in terms of scary than 2012. You will find a large number of scary films to anticipate, from exciting directors like Ti West, Rob Zombie, Adam Wingard, and Jonathan Levine. Even though there are several scary films to look forward to in the new year, the subsequent films are what I believe are the 6 highly anticipated horror movies of 2013:

The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie always provides an advantage to whatever he shows in films. Captain Spaulding in Home of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects was unquestionably among the scariest clowns to actually grace silver screens. Michael Myers was a magnificent existence of bad and chaos in Zombie’s version of Halloween. Therefore, when offered the matter of wizards, I am more than prepared to determine how Zombie envisions the occult. This mind-bending hell trip may hit cinemas on April 26th, 2013.

Evil Dead

Sam Raimi has determined to take the funds he’s made and reshoot his own cult classic, The Evil Dead. Fall the first letter and you’ve got Evil Dead, the 2013 updated edition, whole with a larger budget, a brand new cast, and a lot more sophisticated special effects compared to the initial 1981 landmark. Whether you’re a supporter of remakes or maybe not, the grisly preview is bound to capture your attention. Prepare for this gorefest in April of 2013.

You’re Next

Even though this is officially a 2011 movie, it won’t hit cinemas in The Us till 2013. In the film, the Davison family effort to move away from their busy agendas, and spend a peaceful weekend alone with character. A band of misfits aim to ruin their ideal escape, but certainly one of the Davison’s has an unexpected ability that may prove beneficial to the household. Director Adam Wingard (V / H / S, The ABCs of Death) provides this tale of pain and cinemas to turns in July of 2013.

Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult plays Third in this horror – comedy mash up of a teenaged zombie who falls for a human woman. It sounds corny, but the cast, featuring acting story John Malkovich, and manager Jonathan Levine (50 / 50, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) might be gifted enough to get the harmony between horror and . pain On Feb 1st, 2013 Big screens will be hit by warm Bodies.

The ABCs of Death

In this horror anthology, twenty-six different owners get together to produce a macabre alphabet. Each notice informs a personal story of death, described with another director. I am certain that not every notice is going to be a jewel, but with filmmakers like Ti West, Jason Eisener, Adam Wingard, and Yoshihiro Nishimura involved, there’s bound to be no less than a couple of rewarding short pants. The ABCs of Departure may be released in cinemas on Feb 28th, 2013.


Daniel Radcliffe seeks to drop his wizard picture in this dark representation of Joe Hill’s novel Horns. In after his sweetheart has perished the film, Perrish, played by Radcliffe, at random wakes up one morning with horns. Little has been exposed about the movie to date, but if it’s something like Joe Hill’s graphic book The Cape, then I am certain I will love it. Theaters are hit by horns some time in 2013.

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