Top Five Most Over-Rated Best Picture Winners

This most over-rated best picture winners movie list features the top most over-rated Oscar films of all time, including only titles that have already released. In order to be included in this top 5 most over-rated best picture winners list each film has to have won the Academy Award for best picture of the year sometime between present and 1978. Author discretion is the final criteria used to distinguish these most over-rated best picture winners.

5. The Artist (2011)

Box Office Gross: $44,671,682    Adjusted for 2015: $46,823,700

null Michel Hazanavicius’ stylistically daring, dialogue-free comedy-drama The Artist stars Jean Dujardin as George Valentin, a matinee idol in Hollywood before the dawn of talkies. His marriage is far from perfect, and one day he meets ambitious chorus girl Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) and is smitten. Very quickly thereafter, sound comes to movies, and George sinks all his money into one last epic silent film, while Peppy becomes a star in the new era. John Goodman co-stars as the head of the film studio working with Valentin.


Top Five Most Under-Appreciated Best Picture Winners

This most under-appreciated best picture winners movie list features the top most-underappreciated Oscar films of all time, including only titles that have already released. In order to be included in this top 5 most under-appreciated best picture winners list each film has to have won the Academy Award for best picture of the year sometime between present and 1978. Author discretion is the final criteria used to distinguish these most under-appreciated best picture winners.

5. Chicago (2002)

Box Office Gross: $170,687,518     Adjusted for 2015: $229,847,900

null A starry-eyed would-be star discovers just how far the notion that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” can go in this screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Chicago, originally directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. In the mid-’20s, Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is a small-time chorus dancer married to a well-meaning dunderhead named Amos (John C. Reilly). Roxie is having an affair on the side with Fred Casley (Dominic West), a smooth talker who insists he can make her a star. However, Fred strings Roxie along a bit too far for his own good, and when she realizes that his promises are empty, she becomes enraged and murders Fred in cold blood. Roxie soon finds herself behind bars alongside Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a sexy vaudeville star who used to perform with her sister until Velma discovered that her sister had been sleeping with her husband. Velma shot them both dead, and, after scheming prison matron “Mama” Morton hooks Velma up with hotshot lawyer Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), Velma becomes the new Queen of the scandal sheets. Roxie is just shrewd enough to realize that her poor fortune could also bring her fame, so she convinces Amos to also hire Flynn. Soon Flynn is splashing Roxie’s story — or, more accurately, a highly melodramatic revision of Roxie’s story — all over the gutter press, and Roxy and Velma are soon battling neck-to-neck over who can win greater fame through the headlines. A project that had been moving from studio to studio since the musical opened on Broadway in 1973.

Writer’s Journey: The Treatment

Steve Coogan in Hamlet 2

I’ve decided to write a movie. Well, make a movie, but first you need a script, thus write a movie. I’ve written at least one movie before, that is if you combine all my unfinished scripts into one. I enjoy writing and creating, but I get bored and sidetracked easily. A writing session for me is exactly like a session for Steve Coogan’s character in Hamlet 2. Your mind turns to other things, and if you’ve got an Internet connection handy you’re writing day is shot. So to combat this I’m keeping myself in line with blog posts about my progress. Kind of a journal to keep me honest. Plus I’ve got a really great idea (I think), and I’d love to see something come to fruition, even if just this once.

Whilst working away programming effect plugins for video editing and compositing software I accidentally stumbled across an effect that makes people look ugly. Pushing to extremes they no longer looked real and more cartoony, but pulling back a bit this thing made Megan Fox look like a man in drag. And an ugly man at that. It was a neat effect, but useless really. Not at all what I was attempting to create. But wait! My mind began to wonder, as it easily does, and somehow somewhere deep in the boredom this idea came to me. What kind of movie could you make with this effect? Would it be too weird or could it be interesting enough to pursue?

Top 5 Best CIA Spy Movies

This is my list of top 5 best CIA spy movies. It doesn’t cover all the spy movies – only CIA ones, and I tried to err more on the serious side, but Mission: Impossible just kinda snuck in on me. Enjoy and let me know if I missed anything or just how stupid my list is in the comments below!

Breach (2005)

Box Office Gross: $33,231,264     Adjusted: $0

Shattered Glass director Billy Ray directs Chris Cooper and Ryan Philippe in this fact-based drama concerning the FBI traitor who carried out what many historians refer to as the most notable national security breach in U.S. history. A key member of the FBI’s elite Soviet Analytical Unit, Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper) would, for 15 years beginning in 1985, sell thousands of pages of classified documents to the Soviets. After making roughly 600,000 dollars on his clandestine endeavor and compromising everything from the identities of KGB spies working for the American government to nuclear war contingency plans, Hanssen was eventually transferred to a newly created position at the FBI’s Washington headquarters and assigned the task of guarding his country’s most sensitive secrets. It was while working in this capacity that a young agent named Eric O’Neill (Phillipe) was assigned the task of keeping tabs on Hanssen by suspicious higher-ups. Later, after being arrested while delivering a cache of secret documents to a “dead drop” spot in a Virginia park, the notorious traitor was arrested and sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole.

Top Ten Best Sylvester Stallone Movies

This is my list of the top ten best Sylvester Stallone movies. Stallone is my all-time favorite screen-hero, his films have been a seminal part of my movie-going life for nearly three decades. In a career spanning 40 years Sly has been involved with some of the biggest films in the action genre. Lately Stallone has garnered a new generation of fans with the highly prolific and profitable franchise The Expendables. So much attention is paid to his hulking physique that it is often forgotten the man is an accomplished writer, director, and artist. The one-time Oscar winner and nominee for Best Actor has never achieved that level of critical success again, but his films have been solid box-office performer for decades. Stallone also holds the distinction for opening a movie at #1 in each of the last 5 decades.

F.I.S.T (1978)

Box Office Gross: $20,388,920     Adjusted: $0

Coming off the massive critical and commercial success of Rocky, Stallone attempted to push audience’s expectations of his screen persona with this low-key but memorable drama. Sly is a dock worker turned union organizer and eventual figurehead of the entire movement. The title acronym F.I.S.T. has no connection to do with pugilism, but rather stands for Federation of Interstate Truckers. That may have hindered the film’s box-office take due to potential audience members looking for a Rocky-esue fair-tale and getting a Jimmy Hoffa-like bio-pic. The direction by Norman Jewison and screenplay written by Joe Esterhazs and Stallone are all outstanding.

Top 5 Best Alien Invasion Movies

This is my list of the top five best Alien Invasion movies. This has been an incredibly popular sub-genre dating back to the Orson Wells broadcast of 1938. Since 1977 there have been 35 Alien Invasion themed films released culminating in $4,171,019,251 at the global box-office. Many of the silver-screens biggest stars and directors have crafted or appeared in an Alien Invasion film at some point in their respective careers. The average Alien Invasion movie grosses $119,000.000 at the domestic box-office.

Signs (2002)

Box Office Gross: $227,966,634     Adjusted: $0

Following the smash hit The Sixth Sense and the under-performing follow-up Unbreakable, directing phenom M. Night Shyamalan returns to the summer box office landscape that served as the backdrop for his cinematic breakthrough. In Signs, another paranormal outing for the writer-director, Shyamalan explores the eerie implications of a 500-foot crop circle that mysteriously appears on the Bucks County, PA farm of reverend Graham Hess (Mel Gibson). As Hess and his family (Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin) try to take stock of what the sign means, and how its message incorporates into their faith, they start to get the feeling they are not alone in the fields behind their house.

Will J.J. Abrams Ruin Star Wars, Or Will He Unite The Star Trek / Star Wars Fan Base As Director?

For those that haven’t heard, The Wrap is reporting on some gossip it got from someone close to the production of the new Star War film that J.J. Abrams has been selected to direct. They also say Ben Affleck was up, so this must have been a real hard choice for them. Abrams has already resurrected an old space sci-fi franchise, Star Trek, so it kind of makes sense. Plus he’s in good with the fanboy crowd already with movies like Cloverfield, Super 8 and of course the TV series LOST.

Regardless of his success though, Abrams has had failures, many of which go hand in hand with the previously mentioned work. Think about the lens flare in Mission Impossible III, Super 8 and at its worst Star Trek. Now imagine a Star Wars movie with all that light saber lens flare. Kinda ruins it.

Then we can push onto the fact that Abrams doesn’t end his stories well. Cloverfield has a crap ending, Super 8 is ok but not great and LOST is horrible. Star Trek is his only saving grace for endings. What does this mean? Well, the trailer and ads for the film will get us all psyched up, then we’ll watch the first two-thirds of the film in wide-eyed wonderment of what’s to come, and then the ending will crash and burn and everyone will be let down.

Movie Poster Spoof – Spring Breakers Or Jail Baiters

Considering this is written and directed by Harmony Korine, who wrote the Larry Clarke film Kids, it’s a little surpring Spring Breakers wasn’t actually titled Jail Baiters. I’m not going to explain the meaning of the title, but just look at the poster below and tell me it doesn’t fit perfectly. Spring Breakers opens March 29, 2013 and stars James Franco, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine.

4 of the Most Awesome Movie Advertising Campaigns

Image by: Slideshow Bruce

Advertising is big business – no more so than in the world of movies. A good advertising campaign can make a film, a bad campaign break one.  But every once in a while the hype for a particular movie can take on a life of its own.

Ad execs are savvy creatures and know how to exploit the maximum potential to increase brand awareness, and there have been plenty of movie execs and film studios over the years who have impressively managed to get the public whipped up in to a filmic frenzy to get millions of bums on seats through inventive ad campaigns. 

Some films are content with a few billboard posters and the occasional TV spot, but others need – no, demand – something a little more spectacular, using every marketing means at their disposal. Here are a few that have taken movie marketing to a whole new, unprecedented level.


Watch The 1985 Soviet Russian Version Of The Hobbit – It’s Awesome!

Before Hollywood finally gave The Lord of the Rings the go ahead (aside from an animated version), the Soviets were ahead of the curve. In 1985 they created a version of The Hobbit behind the iron curtain. How is this possible? Well at the time, Soviet Russia didn’t care about American copyrights. The costumes are about the most awesome thing I’ve seen in awhile, not to mention the overacting and the sets. Ok, so this is the best worst movie before Troll 2. I think Peter Jackson could take some notes here, not only did they make only one movie instead of three, but it comes in at a scant (by today’s epic standard) hour and ten minutes. Right now there’s no subtitles (a work in progress is available here), but here’s a list of scenes so you can move through it and get a feel for how the major moments play out. Smaug is incredibly giggle inducing.

10 Must See Road Trip Comedies

The highway trip film conjures up the sort of fish – out – of – water struggle that creates real laughs, in terms of humor. The closeness that these tourists should reveal throughout their barrier – ridden excursions contributes to the awkward clash of nerve and quirks – wrecking scenarios. These 10 highway trip comedies managed to catch critical acceptance, famous actors and financial achievement throughout their lengthy distance box office journeys.

5 Oscar Winners Currently Appearing in Direct-to-DVD Movies

Over the last decade each of the actors/actresses on this list have won an Oscar for a major role, in a theatrically released film. Then followed it up with a direct-to-DVD stinker. This list should more accurately be titled, ‘When bad movies happen to good actors’. Here is a comprehensive list of just a few stars and titles that may have slipped your attention.

Halle Berry

After becoming the first African American actress to win the best actress Oscar in 2001, Barry’s career choices have been eclectic. Ranging from the brilliant (Cloud Atlas) to the unwatchable (Catwoman, Perfect Stranger). She finally hit the direct to DVD low with Dark Tide in 2012. Directed by the usually dependable big screen helmer John Stockwell and costarring Oliver Martinez. Hey, the movie may have been a dud but Berry got a fiancée out of the deal.


Top 5 Best Asylum Mockbusters

Over the last decade The Asylum has become synonymous with low budget Hollywood rip-offs, which they playfully call mockbusters. These films are exact copies of their Hollywood counterparts, in fact many times The Asylum movies have nothing in common with their bigger budget brethren other than name. For those tricked by this ruse they often feel ripped-off, and to be fair their expectations are set for hundred million dollar budgets. This list is the top 5 mockbusters from The Asylum that surprise and prove that these guys aren’t out to just fool people into buying their products, they want to entertain as well.

War of the Worlds (2005)

Back in the mid 2000s Asylum teamed up with actor C. Thomas Howell and sparked a strange relationship in which Howell would go on to direct the sequel to this mockbuster and two others, The Day the Earth Stopped and The Land that Time Forgot. Directed by The Asylum producer and partner David Micheal Latt, this was the mockbuster that started it all. Coming on the heels of the Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise War of the Worlds it was a surprisingly good adaptation and while the big budget effects of the Hollywood version are missing, it mostly hits the same marks. The story tells of a man named George Herbert who is separated from his wife and child when a Martian invasion begins. He tries to make his way to Washington, D.C. to reunite with them as the world is torn apart. But civilization is laid to ruin when a race of super aliens ultimately invades Earth!