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New Evil Dead Red Band Trailer – So Gory You’ll Blow Chunks

I had my reservations about the remake of this classic, but the more I see the more I’m willing to give it a chance. When I head Diablo Cody was writing on this I was sure it would be a dud, and I do see a little bit of Jennifer’s Body in here, but Cody stunned me with Young Adult. She tends to have great ideas that are badly executed. This doesn’t look so with this new red band trailer, which is chock full of gore and seems to find a good line between the fun of the original and updating a 30 year old low budget horror flick to the slickness of today’s standard. See Evil Dead in theaters April 12, 2013.
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A Good Day To Die Hard New Trailer Has More Action Than You Can Handle

One thing 2013 has in spades is action movies. But what would a year heavy on action be without a Die Hard flick? A year for wimps. After seeing this explosion riddled testosterone fest I think I finally grew some hair on my balls. There’s so much action I’m surprised McClane and son made it out of this trailer alive. This looks to be shaping up better than any of the past Expendables outings, especially with all the ‘old man’ jokes. Check out A Good Day to Die Hard in theaters February 14, 2013 – bring a date.
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Watch The 3 Minute Short ‘Mama’ Was Based On

Mama is based on Andres Muschietti’s career-making short, also called Mama, a three minute film that appears to be one single take. Shorts becoming features is nothing new, and something Hollywood has been doing quite a bit of as of late. Here is the short with an intro from Guillermo Del Toro. See Mama in theaters starting January 18, 2013.
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10 Twilight Pick Up Lines That Are Really Creepy In Real Life

Pick up lines, love lines and general cheesy lines can sound good during a movie when we’re in the moment and the words are coming out of a competent good looking actor. But take those words out of the context of the scene and their true creepiness will show. This is especially true of the Twilight movies. Check out these creepy pick up lines right out of the films and let us know if they’d work on you.

Edward: Hi. The voices in my head just told me to come talk to you.

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4 of the Most Awesome Movie Advertising Campaigns

Image by: Slideshow Bruce

Advertising is big business – no more so than in the world of movies. A good advertising campaign can make a film, a bad campaign break one.  But every once in a while the hype for a particular movie can take on a life of its own.

Ad execs are savvy creatures and know how to exploit the maximum potential to increase brand awareness, and there have been plenty of movie execs and film studios over the years who have impressively managed to get the public whipped up in to a filmic frenzy to get millions of bums on seats through inventive ad campaigns. 

Some films are content with a few billboard posters and the occasional TV spot, but others need – no, demand – something a little more spectacular, using every marketing means at their disposal. Here are a few that have taken movie marketing to a whole new, unprecedented level.

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Watch The 1985 Soviet Russian Version Of The Hobbit – It’s Awesome!

Before Hollywood finally gave The Lord of the Rings the go ahead (aside from an animated version), the Soviets were ahead of the curve. In 1985 they created a version of The Hobbit behind the iron curtain. How is this possible? Well at the time, Soviet Russia didn’t care about American copyrights. The costumes are about the most awesome thing I’ve seen in awhile, not to mention the overacting and the sets. Ok, so this is the best worst movie before Troll 2. I think Peter Jackson could take some notes here, not only did they make only one movie instead of three, but it comes in at a scant (by today’s epic standard) hour and ten minutes. Right now there’s no subtitles (a work in progress is available here), but here’s a list of scenes so you can move through it and get a feel for how the major moments play out. Smaug is incredibly giggle inducing.
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10 Must See Road Trip Comedies

The highway trip film conjures up the sort of fish – out – of – water struggle that creates real laughs, in terms of humor. The closeness that these tourists should reveal throughout their barrier – ridden excursions contributes to the awkward clash of nerve and quirks – wrecking scenarios. These 10 highway trip comedies managed to catch critical acceptance, famous actors and financial achievement throughout their lengthy distance box office journeys.
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5 Oscar Winners Currently Appearing in Direct-to-DVD Movies

Over the last decade each of the actors/actresses on this list have won an Oscar for a major role, in a theatrically released film. Then followed it up with a direct-to-DVD stinker. This list should more accurately be titled, ‘When bad movies happen to good actors’. Here is a comprehensive list of just a few stars and titles that may have slipped your attention.

Halle Berry

After becoming the first African American actress to win the best actress Oscar in 2001, Barry’s career choices have been eclectic. Ranging from the brilliant (Cloud Atlas) to the unwatchable (Catwoman, Perfect Stranger). She finally hit the direct to DVD low with Dark Tide in 2012. Directed by the usually dependable big screen helmer John Stockwell and costarring Oliver Martinez. Hey, the movie may have been a dud but Berry got a fiancée out of the deal.

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5 Dramatic Film/T.V Sequences Set in an Office

Image by Victor1558

Speeding trains/buses, battlefields, big cities, dangerous jungles and arid deserts are extremely common settings for exciting set-pieces for action/adventure/thriller films. Few though have been set in a setting as drab and stale as an office. The following list points out five film moments in which Hollywood has livened up the office setting, showing those partitioned desks don’t have to be such a dreary place after all…


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5 Timeless T.V Christmas Specials You Have to Watch During the Holiday

Image by christmasstockimages

During my childhood and teens I used to get extremely excited for Christmas. So much to the point where on Christmas Eve I just couldn’t go to sleep! For me, it has always been about bringing all of the family together, sharing humongous meals and of course, exchanging lots and lots of presents!

But one of the aspects of Christmas I love most is that it’s probably the only time of year where you can sit down, put your feet up and actually relax without the worry that usually gets us during our day-to-day lives.

The television sitcoms would always pull out all the stops to make a memorable Christmas special that helped you wash away the stress from work. Nowadays though, I feel British sitcoms lack the edge that the older ones had. So here are my top five timeless T.V specials that you need to watch this Christmas.

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Top 5 Best Asylum Mockbusters

Over the last decade The Asylum has become synonymous with low budget Hollywood rip-offs, which they playfully call mockbusters. These films are exact copies of their Hollywood counterparts, in fact many times The Asylum movies have nothing in common with their bigger budget brethren other than name. For those tricked by this ruse they often feel ripped-off, and to be fair their expectations are set for hundred million dollar budgets. This list is the top 5 mockbusters from The Asylum that surprise and prove that these guys aren’t out to just fool people into buying their products, they want to entertain as well.

War of the Worlds (2005)

Back in the mid 2000s Asylum teamed up with actor C. Thomas Howell and sparked a strange relationship in which Howell would go on to direct the sequel to this mockbuster and two others, The Day the Earth Stopped and The Land that Time Forgot. Directed by The Asylum producer and partner David Micheal Latt, this was the mockbuster that started it all. Coming on the heels of the Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise War of the Worlds it was a surprisingly good adaptation and while the big budget effects of the Hollywood version are missing, it mostly hits the same marks. The story tells of a man named George Herbert who is separated from his wife and child when a Martian invasion begins. He tries to make his way to Washington, D.C. to reunite with them as the world is torn apart. But civilization is laid to ruin when a race of super aliens ultimately invades Earth!

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Top 5 Best Christmas-Timed Action Movies

This is my list of the top five best action movies that take place during the Christmas season. The Holiday season is typically a period that lends itself to romantic comedies or heartwarming dramas, not violent shoot ‘em up pictures. There is not an abundance of Christmas-timed action films, but listed below are the top five best.

Dead Bang (1989)

Box Office Gross: $8,125,592     Adjusted: $0

A police officer is shot down on Christmas Eve when he stumbles upon a robbery-homicide at a convenience store. A down-on-his-luck L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. homicide detective, Jerry Beck (Johnson), is assigned to the case. As with every case, he takes this one very emotionally, because “the job” is the last thing left in his life, and vows to get the perpetrator no matter what. The slain officer’s widow further complicates the issue when she entices Beck into a one-night stand, in the hope that Beck will not only find but kill her husband’s murderer. During the investigation Beck learns that the murder of a policeman was just the tip of the iceberg, as he finds the roots of the suspect are in a White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi group.
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