Let’s Be Cops (2014) – Review

2 Stars

I have grown tired of the repeated pairing of a wise-cracking over-grown adolescent, with his responsible straight-man partner in comedies, This was the outline established long-ago in Stripes and continued through the dreary Vince Vaughn movies of late. Now we have Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans,Jr. getting in on the Murray/Ramis, Vaughn/Wilson schtick, and its like the tracing of a Xeroxed copy. Outside of a gross-out gaga and a prolonged drug sequence the movie is devoid of laughs for long stretches and slips into gooey sentimentality and over-blown violence too often.

Solo (1996) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Mario Van Peebles’ brief bid as an action attraction peaked with this Rambo meets Terminator hybrid. Saddled with an unproven director in Norberto Barba, and laced with an uproariously derivative screenplay that is improbably taken from a novel, Solo is on its own in terms of down-right awfulness. The most clever moment in the entire screenplay, is a scene in which the robot solider chooses a shaved head look to appear, “Like Mike”. When a Michael Jordan reference is the highpoint of creativity in a Sci-Fi/Action thriller, than you know you’re in trouble.

T-Force (1994) – Review

4 Stars

Terrorists have seized the U.S. Embassy, killing hostages. Five super-soldiers known as the T-Force are dispatched and within minutes all thirty terrorists are dead. In the process of the rescue, Adam (Evan Lurie) the alpha leader of the robotic law enforcers makes a decision that leaves innocent people in the crossfire. After a public outcry the political brass decides to pull the plug on the T-Force program. Sensing a conflict in directives that demand self-preservation, the robots turn renegade and begin to execute authority figures.