Hard Justice (1995) – Review

3 Stars

The American Ninja David Bradley top-lines this explosive action flick from director Greg Yaitanes, who seems as if he has studies the works of John Woo ad nauseam. Co-starring a cast of familiar faces from better known films, Hard Justice is a remarkable straight to video production that doesn’t skimp on the goods when it comes to blowing stuff up, real good. Shot in exaggerated slow motion and choreographed much more skillfully than its contemporaries, this lean B-movie is ideal viewing for those in the mood for some mindless thrills.

American Samurai (1992) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Having been a big fan of director Sam Firstenberg and David Bradley’s previous collaboration, Cyborg Cop and Cyborg Solider, I was looking forward to this re-teaming of two titans from the early 1990’s heyday of chop-socky b-movies from Cannon films. Unfortunately this lame and ultimately extremely redundant picture is lacking in every department. Under-whelming grainy cinematography and choppy editing along with overwrought performances and poorly executed fight sequences quickly sink the film. Recommended only for the most indiscriminate of genre fans.