A Little Help (2010) – Review

2 Stars

A Little Help is the story of a recent widow who gets entangled in a series of lies to help herself and her twelve year old son. Laura (Jenna Fischer) has a burned out marriage and to make matters worse she’s pretty sure her husband, Bob (Chris O’Donnell), is cheating on her. Their son, Dennis (Daniel Yelsky), is distant and pushes Laura away. She moves on with her life, pretending everything’s ok. But one afternoon during a family get together she lets loose on Bob and accuses him of adultery. While chasing after her something happens with his heart, but he is given a clean bill of health by their doctor. Later that night Laura makes up with Bob, but his heart issue pops up again, this time for the last time. Now everything Laura has been sweeping under the rug is being forced out into the open. Her family pressures her into a malpractice lawsuit where Bob’s infidelity plays a major role. Her son tells a lie at his new school about his father dying as a fireman in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. She goes along with it, maybe in the hopes of winning him over, but mostly because she’s a pushover and has been throughout her life. Once the lies start coming undone can Laura and her son withstand the results?