Top 5 Best Asylum Mockbusters

Over the last decade The Asylum has become synonymous with low budget Hollywood rip-offs, which they playfully call mockbusters. These films are exact copies of their Hollywood counterparts, in fact many times The Asylum movies have nothing in common with their bigger budget brethren other than name. For those tricked by this ruse they often feel ripped-off, and to be fair their expectations are set for hundred million dollar budgets. This list is the top 5 mockbusters from The Asylum that surprise and prove that these guys aren’t out to just fool people into buying their products, they want to entertain as well.

War of the Worlds (2005)

Back in the mid 2000s Asylum teamed up with actor C. Thomas Howell and sparked a strange relationship in which Howell would go on to direct the sequel to this mockbuster and two others, The Day the Earth Stopped and The Land that Time Forgot. Directed by The Asylum producer and partner David Micheal Latt, this was the mockbuster that started it all. Coming on the heels of the Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise War of the Worlds it was a surprisingly good adaptation and while the big budget effects of the Hollywood version are missing, it mostly hits the same marks. The story tells of a man named George Herbert who is separated from his wife and child when a Martian invasion begins. He tries to make his way to Washington, D.C. to reunite with them as the world is torn apart. But civilization is laid to ruin when a race of super aliens ultimately invades Earth!


Air Collision (2012) – Review

3 Stars

There are two kinds of films released from distribution house The Asylum. They are either low-budget guilty pleasures or wretchedly unwatchable genre schlock, fortunately Air Collision falls into the former category. This is arguably the most polished production yet from The Asylum, but hey; who wants to argue? Air Collision features a few recognizable faces and a well worn storyline, but it is competently told, and showcases decent B-Movie filmmaking. The use of stock footage from other Asylum productions is evident but it helps keep the film aloft through a soggy second act.

6 Guns (2010) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

A taunt low budget western from ‘The Asylum’ films. The opening 15 minutes, methodically chronicles the sadistic treatment of a family by a gang of bloodthirsty outlaws. By the end of the sequence the family members are murdered, and a woman is viciously raped. It’s an effective passage, but it is also hard to stomach. All the more compliment to director Van Dyke for creating a sense of dread during these dark moments.

Princess Of Mars (2009) – Review

3 Stars

Prolific film producers ‘The Asylum’ pumped out this surprisingly enjoyable low-budget ‘Planet of the Apes’/’John Carter of Mars’ rip-off. Antonio Sabato Jr is the displaced American solider on a foreign planet. Enslaved by the local species he must win their respect through his skills as a warrior, and his jumping ability. Yes, his ability to leap hundreds of feet in a single hop. As with all ‘Asylum’ productions; the less questions asked the better. (more…)