Top Five Best Superhero Movies

This best superhero movies list features the top superhero films of all time, including only titles that have already released. In order to be included in this top 5 superhero movies list the superhero must have played a prominent role. Author discretion is the final criteria used to distinguish these best superhero films.

5. The Shadow (1994)

Box Office Gross: $32,063,435     Adjusted for 2011: $55,075,469

null Alec Baldwin’s turn in the role of a superhero is one of the best albeit forgotten films in the genera. Surfacing in the summer of 1994 with little fanfare; presumably from audience fatigue after two Batman films, The Rocketeer and a legion of wannabe blockbuster arrived in less than five years. The Shadow separates itself from others in the pack through it’s exquisite production and art design and a detailed period setting in the art-deco friendly 1930’s. The character of Cranston Lamont/ The Shadow originated on radio series almost 80 years ago. Apparently 1990’s audiences weren’t interested in their grandparent’s superhero and left this little seen film to die a quick death at the box-office. In hindsight it’s a entertaining piece of escapist fun with slick direction from Highlander vet Russell Mulcahy, a self deprecating script and a polished look that provides as many visual thrills as the stunning special effects.

Give ’em Hell Malone (2009) – Review

3 Stars

Russell Mulcahy’s retro throw back to the L.A. noire films from the 1940s is a pleasurable re-imagining of the genera in a somewhat modernized setting. Thomas Jane is the square jawed protagonist ‘Malone’ a private eye hired to retrieve a brief case belonging to a shady underworld figure. In the process Malone gets double crossed and mixed up with a beautiful damsel that may be the sister of a deceased friend. The screenplay by Mark Hosack is peppered with verbal jabs like “you wear mean about as well as you wear that ridiculous mustache” and others that bring to mind Raymond Chandler and I. A. L. Diamond.

Silent Trigger (1996) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Swedish beefcake Dolph Lundgren plays a sniper aptly named Shooter with a conscious in this uneven, overblown and senseless action thriller set almost entirely in a futuristic looking skyscraper. Director Russell Mulcahy of ‘Highlander’ fame (or infamy depending on how you feel about 1991’s woeful ‘Highlander 2’) crafts this into a highly-styled exercise in mindless entertainment. After Shooter reneges on his assignment to assassinate an undefined target he goes rouge with the assistance of his Spotter played by the beautiful Gina Bellman.