Battle of Los Angeles (2011) – Review

2 Stars

This SyFy/Asylum made for television movie takes its cues more from Independence Day and Skyline than Battle: Los Angeles. At first glance the special effects seem unlike any other Asylum effects, they’re good. But given time they wane and show just how cheap and rushed they truly are. This does add a lot of watchability, but at times pulls you out of the film, especially with the clearly fake two-dimensional explosions. (more…)

Battle: Los Angeles – Trailer

How many more alien invasion films can someone stand? At least one more. ‘Battle: Los Angeles‘ looks a lot like ‘District 9‘ meets ‘Black Hawk Down‘. This is the closest to ‘Independence Day‘ that I’ve seen yet, and it appears to be wall to wall action with some great visuals. Even with ‘Monsters‘ and ‘Skyline‘ faltering at the box office, ‘Battle: Los Angeles‘ still has a chance at becoming a break out hit. In theaters 3/11/11.

Skyline (2010) – Review

2 Stars

The Brothers Strause are back with a low-budget ($10million) alien attack film, that at times has the gloss of a summer tent-pole flick. Lacking any high profile stars, the marketing has wisely chosen to focus on the impressive visual effects. Highly influenced by Roland Emmerich’s ‘ID4‘, but lacking the sense of awe and relatable characters, ‘Skyline’ becomes something of a bore after the initial invasion sequence.