Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) – Review

3 Stars

The inaugural big screen voyage of the Starship Enterprise is a fairly dull and straight forward science fiction tale full of elements Trekkies will cherish but destined to leave newbies to the series out in the cold. After a slow moving first act that takes forty minutes of screen time to gather all the original members of the cast and set up a weak personal conflict between Capt Kirk and a younger Capt Dekker. The film finally blast off and is able to maintain interest throughout it’s elongated 145 minute running time. The script for this was original conceived as a pilot for a proposed second Star Trek Television series titled Phase II. Sensing they had a hit on the level of Star Wars Paramount quickly pushed and expanded the screenplay to fit a feature length film. Which may explain why Star Trek: The Motion Picture is such a curiously disjointed movie. The film looks great the producers must have thrown millions of dollars at this lavish production. Yet, it’s a shame they didn’t spend as much time on script and character development.