Top 5 Best Gambling Movies

This is my list of my top five favorite gambling movies. Gambling has been the center of many films, and lends itself to defining some great characters. Dirty and gritty these people walk a thin line – some are fast talkers, others only speak with their eyes. Most are down and out, but they usually find their wins in extreme situations, and we find entertainment in the tug of war possibility between riches and death. After checking out my top five gambling films be sure and see this list of top casino movies.

The Color of Money (1986)

Box Office Gross: $52,293,982     Adjusted: $0

Oscar-nominated in 1961 for his performance as pool hustler Fast Eddie Felson in The Hustler, Paul Newman won that award a quarter century later when he reprised the role in The Color of Money. At the end of The Hustler, Felson was banned for life from playing the game professionally. In the intervening years, he has become what the despicable George C. Scott was in the 1961 film: a front man for younger hustlers, claiming the lion’s share of the winnings. His latest “client” is arrogant young Tom Cruise, who is goaded into accepting Felson’s patronage by his avaricious girl friend Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Cruise learns not only the refinements of the game, but also the dirty trickery that will help him lure in the suckers. As Cruise becomes successful on these terms, Felson seethes with jealousy, hitting the bottle and carelessly allowing himself to fall victim to another hustler. He tells Cruise to get lost, and vows to make an honest comeback. It is inevitable from this point onward that the younger and the older player will square off in a game for the biggest stakes of all: Fast Eddie Felson’s self-respect.