The Crow: City of Angels (1996) – Review

1 Star

Simply stated at the top, The Crow: City of Angels is one of the worst sequels ever produced and shown theatrically in this country. This is a stunning fall from the creative heights of the first film, almost nothing works in this limp follow-up, which apparently was slashed down from 160 minutes to its current length of 84 minutes. Not that a nearly three-hour long version of this depressing (although beautifully shot) sludge would benefit anyone, but it would most likely be more coherent than what is present here.
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Drew: The Man Behind the Poster: Feature Trailer

Feature trailer for the documentary Drew: The Man Behind the Poster.

Three filmmakers have united to bring this film to life; Greg Boas (Hefty Inc.), Charles Ricciardi (Torino Pictures), and Erik P. Sharkey (Sharkey Productions), assembling one of the most intriguing film lineups and crafting a comprehensive presentation about the artist, the art, the stories behind Drews most recognizable creations, as well as a never-before-seen insiders examination of the industry and the profession of motion picture advertising.

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LOL: Trailer

Trailer for LOL.

Lola’s high school inner-circle includes Kyle (Booth) Lola’s BFF, whom she realizes is her love interest; Lola’s two best friends Janice (Esco) and Emily (Hinshaw); Max (Sevani) a nerd that Emily secretly hooks up with; Lola’s ex-boyfriend and Kyle’s best friend Chad (Finn); Lloyd (Watson) who is part of their crew; and Ashley (Greene) the sexy girl who has set her sights on Kyle, much to Lola’s dismay. Thomas Jane plays Alan, Anne’s ex-husband and Lola’s father. Jay Hernandez plays James, a dangerously cute, good-natured cop dating Anne who is able to offer a little perspective on her teenage daughter. Austin Nichols plays Mr. Ross, the heartthrob math teacher, who all the girls have a crush on. Marlo Thomas plays Gran, Anne’s sophisticated mother whose relaxed demeanor allows her to be the easy-going bystander when it comes to watching Anne raising children of her own. Gina Gershon and Fisher Stevens play Anne’s closest friends and confidants and Nora Dunn plays Emily’s mom.

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Thomas Jane set to co-star with Stallone in ‘Headshot’

Former ‘Punisher’ star Thomas Jane has been cast alongside Sylvester Stallone in the new action film ‘Headshot’. The film has been in the media lately after original director Wayne Kramer left the project due to ‘creative differences’ with Stallone. That sent the star and producers on a quest for a new director, eventually settling on Walter Hill (48hrs, Last Man Standing). Today it was announced that Jane will be joining the cast playing a New Orleans homicide detective whom teams with a hit-man (Stallone) for a job. The film is scheduled to go into production by summer’s end. In related news Sly has also announced that he won’t be directing the sequel to ‘The Expendables’ though he will be returning in an acting role. Leading some to speculate that ‘Headshot’ may be a warm-up for Hill before a possible shot at taking over duties on ‘The Expendables 2′. More updates to follow…

Give ‘em Hell Malone (2009) – Review

3 Stars

Russell Mulcahy’s retro throw back to the L.A. noire films from the 1940s is a pleasurable re-imagining of the genera in a somewhat modernized setting. Thomas Jane is the square jawed protagonist ‘Malone’ a private eye hired to retrieve a brief case belonging to a shady underworld figure. In the process Malone gets double crossed and mixed up with a beautiful damsel that may be the sister of a deceased friend. The screenplay by Mark Hosack is peppered with verbal jabs like “you wear mean about as well as you wear that ridiculous mustache” and others that bring to mind Raymond Chandler and I. A. L. Diamond.
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