B.O. Aug 20-22, 2010

T and J discuss the box office weekend of August 20-22, 2010. The Expendables, Vampires Suck, Eat Pray Love, Lottery Ticket, The Other Guys, Piranha 3-D.

2 thoughts on “B.O. Aug 20-22, 2010

  1. Can’t argue with the tomato meter, but I should have been clearer on what I meant by WOM – it was what I was personally hearing from a lot of people, and reading on internet forums. I don’t think that good gross necessarily means a movie has good wom, there could be many factors driving people to see something, and in this summer’s movie marketplace I’ve found that I can’t trust wom good or bad. To be honest though I suppose I’d day this season had a ton of extremely bad films.

  2. The Other Guys has gotten good reviews (76% on Rottentomatoes) and given its current gross, WOM isn’t very bad at all.

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