The Avengers (2012) Theatrical Trailer – I’m Still Not Sold

Sorry to all those fan boys out there, but this trailer still doesn’t sell me on this. I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan so I am holding out a little hope that The Avengers will assemble instead of fall apart. The parts I don’t look forward to in this film are the infighting crap between the heroes, I feel like we already went through an origin story for these guys and now we have to go through another one here. I don’t really understand why learning to work together has become such a big theme with ensemble or buddy action flicks like this. They should have gone a more Expendables route and they’re all cool except maybe one instead of all loose cannons. The concept of all these bigger than life characters coming together is already a tad on the ridiculous side, why call attention to it with a pissing contest? And those infighting sequences are always such throw away scenes that never further the story. I would like to see Hawk Eye featured in at least one trailer though, how does he fit into all of this? Check it out below and let us know what you think.

4 thoughts on “The Avengers (2012) Theatrical Trailer – I’m Still Not Sold

  1. The general rule seems to be that with too many villains or too many heroes, the movie falls apart due to a lack of character development. There is only so much time to tell a story and if too many main characters get involved, most every character comes across as a two dimensional. Not good. I think something like this would probably play better if it were a mini-series on Showtime or HBO. That would be something. At any rate, Joss Whedon has talent but he can be hit or miss. I’m hoping this film works but I do have reservations.

  2. haha, until they toss in another bad guy or two and the whole thing repeats itself.

    It’s funny, I’m a comic book junkie and the good guys always have issues and yet the bad guys ALWAYS get along just fine.

  3. My initial reaction was that the movie looks like something straight out of Michael Bay’s playbook; a ridiculous amount of action, and little story. My biggest concern is that with all those characters, opportunities to focus on a character such as Hawkeye are going to be missed just so we can see Thor, Iron Man and Captain America fight among one another. I feel like the the reason for the infighting is just so we can get all the characters equal screen time, because it really is just a waste of time. Are we really supposed to believe that these “heroes” aren’t able to accept their differences and work together for the greater good? It would be easier to accept if we were watching Avengers Academy or something like that, where the characters are young and a pissing contest is expected. I realize that it’s a movie and that it’s not going to be believable, but at least allow me the chance to associate with the characters on a maturity level.

    1. I’m hoping that because we have Joss Whedon at the helm that there is some sort of good underlying story, but these trailers aren’t really showing any of it if it’s there. This is more like a WWE match up than anything else, everyone rooting for the characters they like. Then of course they need to team up for then everyone’s on the same side. I’m gonna root for the bad guy, then I’ll be on the same side through the whole film.

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