Independent’s Day (2016) – Review

3 Stars

Its summer-time, which means blockbuster season is in full swing at multiplexes throughout the nation. It also means that The Asylum will produce a handful of ‘mockbusters’ designed to win a time-slot during primetime on channels like USA or SYFY. Once upon a time, these low-level rip-offs were meant to trick unsuspecting renters at local video stores. In the age of streaming, The Asylum has been forced to up its product and reduce its output, all for the betterment of each individual movie. It seems that more time and money have been dedicated to the special effects departments.

Aliens have invaded Earth and laid waste to various landmarks across the globe. They have given a five-day deadline for humans to board their ships and evacuate the Earth. The invading race promises a cure for disease and all other ailments to Human’s suffering, if they allow themselves to be taken to a foreign planet. This includes the crippled son of President Meredith Raney (Fay Gauthier), who is on crutches in the first act and leading the resistance force in the last.

The father of a slain secret service agent, who also happens to be head of a militia, rallies his cronies to war with the occupying force on American soil.

Using the Independence Day format as a blueprint scripter Geoff Meed had delivered a literate screenplay with sly references to Godard and the inspired title. Direction from Laura Beth Love is above the norm for the level and most important, the film is a watchable 90 minutes that doesn’t feel like a torturous 3 hours.

I like the approach here by The Asylum, ditch the faded stars that headline these pictures, and instead throw the money to effects, production, and art departments. The novelty of watching Carl Weathers, Robert Davi, etc has worn thin, save the casting stunts for the Sharknado series,

Director: Laura Beth Love
Stars: Fay Gauthier, Jacquelin Arroyo

8 thoughts on “Independent’s Day (2016) – Review

  1. I tried to watch this movie I just couldn’t and the reasons to give up were increasing:
    – background music was unnecessary and misplaced and conversations were too cliched.
    – The president and vice president were not convincing at all. President’s grey wig and VP’s huge glasses were silly looking especially with the camera closeups. Were these college actors?
    – camera was increasingly focusing on facial expressions and silly conversations when the sky was full of alien ships: 90 minutes movie, 10 minutes to heal the son, and a few minutes to pause on his face. Wait – is he the main character?
    – the alien transport ship could barely fit a bus and yet there was like a million people waiting to board it. Another 10-20 in the air but still the math was not adding up.
    – The script was leading into impossible dimensions: how did the aliens knew the characters and their ailments and their location? Assuming they were all that powerful to know all that in what possible circumstances could earth be saved? A computer virus, a viral microbe? A human disease? Compassion?
    Overall I think the effects were convincing and the story started good but the lukewarm characters and the poorly written script were too much. Adios.

  2. Carl Weathers has never been in an Asylum film and Robert Davi was only in one. Just saying.

    IMDB is your friend.

  3. Jason, don’t appreciate your disrespectful comment — both Carl and mines career and work deserve more respect than you snotty little comment – God Bless, Robert Davi

    1. If this is in fact Robert Davi, then repsect of course, your long credit list speaks for itself, but working for scum like Asylum could only damage your legacy.

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