Box Office Prediction Maverick 2012

The Premiere Box Office Prediction Game Site.

A new box office gaming site from Movie Mavericks. Predict opening weekend numbers to become the Box Office Ace!

Every week we’ll be placing our predictions for opening box office weekends for the biggest films in release this year, 2012, here on this page. Follow along with us and leave a comment with your expectations and predictions for the weekend. We get the bar value from the Hollywood Stock Exchange derivatives. All numbers are in millions and rounded to the nearest hundred thousand. We are carrying a running total of how far off we are by weekend, the person with the smallest number wins. We are doing three day weekends only, no four or five day holiday weekends allowed. There can be only one box office prediction maverick, who will it be?

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Weekend #52, Dec 28-30, 2012

Difference Running Totals:
Trevor: $1036.4
Jason: $985.9

Django Unchained

HSX Bar: $30
Trevor: $23
Jason: $22

Actual: $30.1

Les Miserables

HSX Bar: $30
Trevor: $28
Jason: $26

Actual: $27.3

Parental Guidance

HSX Bar: $10
Trevor: $9
Jason: $14

Actual: $14.6