Bullet (2014) – Review

3 Stars

Bullet, the new Danny Trejo B-movie is a slick little action flick with a great cast and better than average production values. Director Nick Lyons infuses the boilerplate script with a visual energy that is matched by the blazing pace. The bare-bones story casts the ever prolific Danny Trejo in the lead role as Danny Trejo is Frank “Bullet” Marasco. Frank is a world-weary police vet with years of experience dealing with street scum. A recovering addict and dead-beat father, Marasco is attempting to pull his life together when we are first introduced to the violent cop.

Caribe (1987) – Review

1/2 Star

Caribe is an odd wannabe action thriller, that incorporates James Bond, Deliverance and The Emerald Forrest into one wacked-out adventure. Sporting a distinctly European style, the film sputters along with little in the way of sense or coherent plotting, but man are those Belize vistas beautiful. In fact the location photography and an outstanding method performance from Stephen McHattie save this lackluster flick from being a total time-waster.

Assassins’ Code (2011) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Assassins’ Code continues the recent trend of casting known actors in films that resemble student thesis projects rather than professional filmmaking. Shot on practical locations at what appear to be friends’ houses the production was obviously lensed on a short schedule and very low budget. Within those limitations, director Lawrence Riggins has fashioned a sometimes interesting but mostly shoddy wannabe action flick. Riggins is also credited as co-screenwriter on the overly complicated screenplay that involves many cover-ups, double crosses and various shadow government agencies. The writers seem to be stretching for something in the vein of early Seagal films like Above the Law and Hard to Kill. I can appreciate that but those pictures had a solid leading man and in Assassins’ Code we are left with three uncharismatic leads and a few recognizable faces that should know better than to appear in something at this level.