Legend of the Sea (2012) – Review

3 Stars

Legend of the Sea is a Korean animated film that has been kicking about for a while before being recast with American actors in a bid to cash in on some of that lucrative childrens’ home video market. The fact that it’s a charming little sucker with cute touches like a prawn army that makes up the imperial guard only adds to it’s offbeat appeal. The Eastern Sea has been peaceful under the reign of the Dragon King, that’s about to change when the evil octopus Ocho is freed from her banishment and unleashes her vengence upon the kingdom. Draco, the prince, is the only one who knows of her plans and leaps into action to stop her. The story also involves the search for and protection of a luminous pearl. The theme is one of peace and prosperity, if you missed that, don’t worry the characters chant that very phrase no less than five times in the closing scenes.
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Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011) – Review

3 Stars

Marvel Studios may be the powerhouse at the cinema these days but it’s animation department has been trailing behind the excellent work from rival D.C. Comics for years. The trend has finally been reversed with the release of Thor: Tales of Asgard a handsomely drawn animated tale with enough subtle adult humor to keep the attention of even the most casual of fans. This straightforward tale is full of action and moves briskly through it’s brief (for a feature) seventy minute running-time.
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Sinbad- Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) – Review

3 1/2 Stars

A minor but attractive animated feature from DreamWorks studios, featuring an all star cast headlined by Brad Pitt and Catherin Zeta Jones. Overlooked at the time of its theatrical release and unfairly compared to ‘Finding Nemo’ which premiered just a few weeks before, this brief and highly enjoyable adventure tale is likely to amuse parents and kids alike. The story focuses on the plight of Sinbad to rescue a magical book that has been stolen by the evil goddess aries. If he doesn’t return with the book in hand within ten days his childhood friend will face the guillotine. The high-tech production fuses hand-drawn animation and CGI effects to create an impressive look, the story involves a trio of creative characters, yet the screenplay by OSCAR winner John Logan(Gladiator,Any Given Sunday) is essentially banal.
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