3D TVs – The Wave Of The Future?

Now that Avatar has hit $2 billion world wide it seems only fitting to bring the technology that made it a hit into the living room. Television manufacturers have recently announced that 3d tvs will be available in the near future. And these things will cost a pretty penny.

The real question here is how many people currently watch a lot of 3d dvds anyhow? The red and blue glasses are fine for every once in awhile viewing. Oh and they don’t cost fifty to a hundred dollars a pair. The cost to outfit the whole family for 3d viewing glasses alone could be as much as half a grand. Not to mention you won’t need a new television or player. So what’s the big draw to this new technology?

DirecTV has announced that it will supply several 3d channels, including sports, which might be a neat idea. But again at what cost to viewers? There will obviously be a lot of content with the wave of 3d movies set to come out in the future. Isn’t this another way to sell us on higher priced discs and new tvs though? Look at the cost of upgrading to high def and $29.99 for a blu-ray disc is still the norm.

My guess is this fad will fade.

One thought on “3D TVs – The Wave Of The Future?

  • February 24, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    3D sports would be AWESOME!!! And I’m sure it will be here before we know it and yes, like with all other new technology that releases it will sure be a pretty penny, but after a few years on the market, it will start to decline in price and be affordable for (most)everyone and become the norm….I just hope I’m still alive when they develop holographic televison like on the Jetson’s…Can you imagine Cinemax then???


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