The Village Barbershop (2008) – Review

4 Stars

John Ratzenberger gives the performance of his career as a small town barber who’s recent loss of his long-time partner and friend turns his world upside down. Content on living his life as he always had, going through the motions as he and his late wife used to, its no wonder that he fights off the idea of hiring a young female barber played by Shelly Cole. But once involved in his life, he finds it much harder to rid himself of her as he has most others. Ms. Cole is fairly unknown, her most notable role being from a stint on “Gilmore Girls“, but she plays the part with true emotion and seems the only person capable of warming Ratzenberger’s cold heart. Chris Ford’s script and direction are what most indie films strive to be. We can only hope that more films like this come out of the turmoil of the indie marketplace.

Director: Chris J Ford
Stars: John Ratzenberger, Shelly Cole

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One thought on “The Village Barbershop (2008) – Review

  • February 23, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Saw this a year ago at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Charming, and Ratzenberger was indeed good. A small film, not terribly challenging to the viewer, and maybe a little predictable. But well produced, good performances, and worth the watch. 3.5


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