Get Ready To Pay For 3D – News

Exhibitors are preparing to cash in on the huge increase in foot traffic for 3d films. In most areas prices are being hiked $2 to $3 dollars. In coastal regions, where ticket prices are already much higher than the national average, movie goers can expect a price hike of up to $5. It’s not surprising to see this happening, why shouldn’t exhibitors get their cut. Studios are already using the current prices to skew box office numbers – look at the gross of Avatar and Alice In Wonderland, neither of which can be truly compared on the charts against strictly 2d releases. According to other reports distributors will get a cut of this as they currently get 45-55% of the gross. But one of the main reasons for the higher ticket costs of 3d at the moment is to pay for the glasses, if that’s true then perhaps distributors aren’t seeing the full percentage that everyone thinks. New average ticket prices will be in the $15 dollar range, but some theater chains are raising prices differently. Some across the board (also for 2d), others just for 3d and some only for adults. The question here is how long will this 3d run last for, and when will prices for 3d begin to take their toll on audiences? At some point there will be box office failures, and when that happens will the studios back down from 3d as they did in the past?

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