Image Movers Digital Shuts Its Doors – News

Disney has shut down Robert Zemeckis’ IMD, makers of The Polar Express and Beowulf. Honestly it was only a matter of time. You can’t keep making $200 million pictures that only gross in the low three figures at best. The question now is what will Zemeckis do with the investment that he’s made into motion capture technology. He was really a pioneer in the field, long before James Cameron even thought of or started shooting Avatar. The answer: start-up another company. Yes that’s right. At this point it looks like Disney is still willing to distribute and even still wants to be in business with Zemeckis, it just doesn’t want to foot the bill. Obviously he’s already got the technology working, even though it has some way to go to get to what Avatar was able to accomplish. Then again he is making these films for half that cost.

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