Alien Prequels Will Be 3D – News

Director Ridley Scott has recently said that there will be not one, but two Alien prequels and they will both be shot in 3d. He also stated that they are close to starting as they now have a recent draft of the script that is very good. Interesting to note that Scott started this franchise with James Cameron coming in to direct the sequel. Now Scott is back, but with the monster hit that was Cameron’s Avatar, Scott is now forced to film these in 3d. He didn’t seemed to mind though, he said that the camera systems are now far more advanced and much easier to shoot with than on Avatar, such that it shouldn’t poorly affect the new Alien films.

The good thing about this is that they will be shot in 3d as apposed to be transferred like the much hated Clash of the Titans 3d. Alien movies would be perfect for this treatment, imagine you’re sitting in a dark theater, the suspense builds on screen as the heroes try to evade the monsters, then suddenly an Alien pops out and grabs one of them! The first prequel will be a big draw for sure, and if it’s any good so will the second.

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