Kings of South Beach (2007) – Review

3 Stars

Donnie Whalberg and Jason Gedrick give first rate performances in the Direct-to-DVD tale of infamous Miami club owner Chris Paciello. The film is based on a true story though names have been tweaked and events reshaped, working from a screenplay by Nicholas Pileggi(Casino, Goodfellas) the two leads sink their teeth into the roles. Gedrick is the good looking impresario under investigation by the FBI and Organized Task force divisions for his connection to a mob family back in New York. Whalberg plays Burnett; the undercover cop working the case, who may be in over his head. Set in 1996 at the height of the club scene in South Beach the film is an enjoyable look at the celebrity culture of late 90’s in the era when ecstasy and techno ruled the scene. Unfortunately the poor production design and obviously low budget rob the film of suspense and its conventional structure fails to deliver the intend impact. However as a breezy cool 90min of cops and robbers with two screen veterans, it delivers. Think of it as Donnie Brasco-lite.

Director: Tim Hunter
Stars: Donnie Whalberg, Jason Gedrick,

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