Get Him to the Greek (2010) – Review

3 Stars

The quasi-sequel to 2007’s ‘Forgetting Sara Marshall’ isn’t quite on the level of its predecessor. Yet it does offer a welcome return for Russell Brand’s hedonistic character Aldous Snow, and a nice comic performance from Apatow regular Jonah Hill. During the opening moment of the film, Snow is filming the video for his latest single, “African Child,” a horrifically and hysterically miscalculated effort. Following the failure of this project and being dumped on national T.V. Aldous takes a long fall off the sobriety wagon. Leading to an 8 minute montage of Snow’s bad behavior through clips on various entertainment shows like TMZ, etc. This may be the highlight in a film full of inspired comedic bits. Brand does a surprisingly smooth job adding a few humanistic touches to his otherwise one-dimensional character. While the big gag in ‘Marshall’ was the onscreen male nudity, this film goes for gross out vomit sequences. While not on par with the original, this outing has some of the same mixture of raunchy humor and sweetness, that made the first a success. It’s been a particularly week year for comedies, now ‘Greek’ is here to rock audiences with laughter. The films hard ‘R’ rating is earned.

Director: Nicholas Stoller
Stars: Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Sean Combs

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