Black Dynamite (2009) – Review

3 Stars

A spot-on satire of the ‘blaxploitaion’ films of the 1970’s. The genre’s strengths and shortcomings are lovingly recreated by director Scott Sanders; Michael Jai White embodies the title character ‘Dynamite’. A loose cannon seeking revenge for the murder of his kid brother. As he works his way through the criminal underworld, our hero stumbles upon a conspiracy to shrink the genitals of all black men. A hilarious throwback to the genre classics ‘Three the Hard Way‘ and of course ‘Shaft‘. Jai White is excellent as the afro-centric Kung-Fu bad-ass, he brings loads of charisma to the action scenes and a relaxed comedic touch. The biggest surprise here is the reemergence of Arsenio Hall, disguised in a bad suit and hiding behind a pimp’s wig and over sized glasses. His scenes as ‘Tasty Freeze’ head of the street syndicate; add some much needed goofiness when the narrative slows. Director Scott Sanders and star Michael Jai White’s second collaboration after the criminally underrated 1999 film’Thick as Thieves‘.

Director: Scott Sanders
Stars: Michael Jai White, Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson

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