Inception Looks to Open Strong – News

REFRESH Sat July 17th: ‘Inception’ opens with an estimated $21.6 million Friday; putting it right in line with Movie Mavericks’ Jason Rugaard’s prediction of a $55 million opening weekend.

Fri July 16th: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ looks to have opened with an estimated $3 million in midnight screenings. Not a bad opening, in comparison the first ‘Iron Man’ opened with an estimated $3.5 million in midnight screenings and went on to gross $102.1 million in its opening weekend (including midnight showings). Predictions have ranged anywhere from a $40 to $90 million opening, Movie Mavericks’ Jason Rugaard is placing it somewhere around the $55 million mark. This is a highly anticipated film, which would explain the strong midnight showings, but will it be able to deliver for the 3-day? The critics love the film, but that doesn’t necessarily make a hit.

‘Inception’ won’t get the aid of 3-d ticket prices, but it does have 193 IMAX screens in its pocket. Since the film seems to be strange and intelligent instead of just a straight popcorn summer flick, that could hurt its opening weekend. Not to mention the 2 1/2 hour running time, which limits the amount of showings and may turn more away from attending. Of course the trailers and promotional material promise insane visuals, Leonardo DiCaprio and with the director of the ‘Dark Knight’ Christopher Nolan at the helm this film has a real chance of taking off.

One thought on “Inception Looks to Open Strong – News

  • July 16, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    There is no way this is going as high as $90M. that’s totally ridiculous. $55M tops – even the studio is saying $35M to $45M. this movie will go over too many peoples heads and audiences never like that.


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