Takers (2010) – Review

3 Stars

What at first seems like a new edition ‘Young Guns‘, turns out to be a decent ‘Heat‘ rip-off with a young attractive cast. Rap star T.I. has a deliciously slimy screen presence as ‘Ghost’ a recent parolee looking to pull off a big armored car heist. He seeks the help of the partners he left behind while in prison. However his ex-cohorts aren’t exactly pleased at his recent arrival. Some feel he is setting them up, others that his plan is legit. Paul Walker and Idris Elba are standouts amongst a racially and demographically diverse cast. Matt Dillion does a solid job as the possibly dirty cop on the gang’s trail.

The action is handled efficiently and the central heist does produce a certain level of excitement. Director John Lussenhop keeps the film moving at a fast clip; and its a good thing. The less time to analysis the plot holes, the better. It looks as if the production team studied the films of Michael Mann, all surfaces are gleaming and the actors are shot in a cold blue hue for close-ups. The high-point of the film is a climactic shoot-out in a hotel suite that actually out does a similar scene in Tony Scott’s 1993 film ‘True Romance‘.

Unfortunately cliches abound in a paint by the numbers script credited to Lussenhop and four others. However there is enough style and solid craftsmanship on the screen to distract you from the fact you’ve seen this all done before, and better.

Director: John Luessenhop
Stars: Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Matt Dillion

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