Fetch (2007) – Review

4 Stars

Action star Daniel Bernhardt’s directorial debut is a highly entertaining mix of the film noir and action genre’s. David Leitch is John ‘Fetch’ Fetcher a down on his luck P.I. Hounded by his ex-wife for money he doesn’t have, Fetch takes a job looking for a missing child. The journey leads to encounters with a few vivid characters and an extremely well shot and choreographed action sequence inside a auto garage. Mr. Leitch more known for his ability as a high-profile stuntman, is note-perfect in his portrayal of the title character. He brings a little comedic touch to the material as well as the appropriate level of masculinity the role requires. Director Bernhardt working from his own script has helmed a fast paced intricate mystery, laced with humor and action. It’s a major achievement and quite a calling card for the first-time director.

Director: Daniel Bernhardt
Stars: David Leitch, Lisa Stothard, Bridgett Riley

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