Invincible (2006) – Review

3 1/2 Stars

Mark Wahlberg is excellent in this ‘Rocky’-esque tale of a working class guy from the neighborhood who got a million to one shot at playing in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles and the City of Philadelphia itself, were taking a beating during the Mid-1970’s. Record Unemployment, Union battles, and the scars of Vietnam caused economic and emotional uncertainty in the city of brotherly love. A sense of disenchantment was prevalent until an unknown 30yr old bartender became 1976’s most unlikely rookie.

This unabashedly sentimental film was released by Disney, however it never comes off corny like so many other films in the genera including ‘Glory Road’ and ‘Remember the Titans’. Wahlberg is ideally cast as the everyman with the amazing opportunity. His real life trajectory from street hood to teen idol onto movie stardom helps lend a level of authenticity to his performance. A feel-good film and one of the best football stories ever told.

Director: Ericson Core
Stars: Elizabeth Banks, Greg Kinnear, Mark Wahlberg

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