Faster (2010) – Review

2 Stars

The latest release from CBS Films is another in a string of duds for the mini-major studio. Stylishly directed but oddly offbeat in every way this run of the mill story is occasionally injected with some energy and heart by it’s charismatic lead Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This is Johnson’s long in development comeback film after years spent toiling in Disney family friendly filcks, with diminishing returns each time out. Unfortunately this film isn’t the vehicle that will resuscitate a once promising career; next years ‘Fast & Furious’ looks to do just that. Credit must go to Director George Tilman Jr. for realizing he had an absurd script and surrounding Johnson with decent actors. Billy Bob Thornton plays low-life better than anyone and he is right on target here as a strung-out cop, who is far more intelligent than his resentful partner gives him credit for.

The plot involves Johnson being released from prison and jogging to a car that awaits him in an old auto heap. Inside the glove box he finds a dossier with a list of targets; each in someway responsible for the death of his brother. So far so good, however there is 90minutes left and the erratic screenplay introduces so many mentally disturbed characters that there is no rooting interest for the audience. ‘Faster’ is a dirty, nihilistic experience parading as an action picture. It would have played perfectly on a double-bill with ‘Death Wish’ during the 1970’s; by today’s standards its a tired, cheap-looking retread that lacks purpose.

Director: George Tillman Jr.
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Maggie Grace

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