Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son (2011) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Martin Lawrence returns for his third outing in the ‘Big Mama’ franchise, this time with the help of young comedian Brandon T. Jackson. To say this is an unnecessary sequel is an understatement, stretching a premise that was worn out after the first entry. This latest installment is by far the weakest of the series. Jackson joins the cast as Trent, Malcom’s teenage stepson who witnesses a murder forcing the pair to go on the lame at an all girls academy. Two good comedians are wasted on a ridiculous script, the premise is tired and recycled from countless other films and sitcoms.

Mixed in are a few musical numbers that raise a chuckle, especially with the very talented Lawrence going all out behind pounds of make-up and a full body suit. He is a first-rate clown and this series has proven to be Lawrence’s ‘Nutty Professor’, both he and Eddie Murphy really seem to thrive in this type of role. It’s not nearly as funny as the first pic 2000’s ‘Big Mama’s House’ but it is high-spirited and sweet natured.

Director: John Whitesell
Stars: Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson

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