Casino Royale (2006) – Review

4 Stars

The James Bond comeback film and the smashing debut of Daniel Craig in the title role. Martin Campbell returns to the director’s chair for the first time since 1995’s ‘Goldeneye’, which was subsequently Pierce Brosnan’s debut. This time though, Bond and the film are smarter and brawnier. An impressive foot chase starts the pic out on the …right foot? Craig is a brute crashing and clearing a path in juxtaposition to Sebastian Foucan’s parkour and free running skills. A fantastic score by David Arnold sets an appropriate mood without ever resorting to using the classic theme for excitement.

Daniel Craig is pumped up and looks as if he could kill with his bare hands. He is brooding (a trait that became monotonous in 2008’s ‘Quantum of Solace’) and doesn’t play the role for laughs. Neither does Campbell who knows the Bond formula but also realizes this is a very broken man. The best action film of 2006 and the best Bond film since 1997’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. The highest grossing film of the series up to that point.

Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Jeffery Wright

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