Darren Aronofsky drops out of ‘The Wolverine 2’

Despite a long friendship with star Hugh Jackman and a reporedly excellent script by Christopher Mcquarrie (Usual Suspects, Valkyrie), OSCAR nominated director Darren Aronofsky has decided to leave the production of ‘Wolverine 2’. Citing a divorce and possibly messy custody battle with soon to be ex-wife Rachel Weisz as the main reason for leaving the project.

Apparently the production was to take place in Japan, and Aronofsky felt that a year abroad wouldn’t be conducive to repairing his family. Not citing the recent tsunami or radiation inflicted on the country as reasons.

To be honest I never actually thought Aronofsky would ever helm the ‘X-men’ spin-off, he has never tackled a project of this size or magnitude and his closest attempt was the failure known as ‘The Fountain’. I guess we can blame Weisz for ruining two franchises now, first ‘The Mummy’ now ‘Wolverine’.

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