Eddie and the Cruisers 2 : Eddie Lives (1989) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

A rock n roll musical with a touch of nostalgia and mystery is the concept to this flimsy sequel, concerning the life of fictional rock legend Eddie Wilson. Pare once again portrays the singer who supposedly drove his car off a bridge at the height of his rising fame in the 1960’s. It seems Eddie didn’t drown in that fateful accident as the world thinks, in reality he is working a construction job in Montreal. Now 20 years after his disappearance Eddie takes up with a new band to tackle the comeback trail and revel his true identity to the public.To say credibility is strained in the anemic script is an understatement. Lethargic direction and no less than 12 musical numbers drain the film of any energy or interest. Pare is good as the former teen idol and he convincing lip-sync’s the Springsten-like tracks by John Cafferty. Unfortunately too often the story goes astray lapsing into silliness and outright confusion. More of a product to sell soundtrack records than a follow-up to a highly regarded cult classic.

Director: Jean-Claude Lord
Stars: Michael Pare, Marina Orsini, Bernie Coulson

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