Your Highness (2011) – Review

1 Star

‘Your Highness’ is an unfunny mess that seems content to flounder in a sea of mediocrity for the majority of its bloated running-time. Unless Minotaur penises and vague 1980s fantasy film references are your thing, this insipid adventure/comedy is the weakest most offbeat big name misfire since ‘Little Nicky’. It would not be so insulting if it had not been the product of some many talented individuals both in front of and behind the camera. Director David Gordon Green teamed with McBride and Franco on the incomparably better ‘Pineapple Express’. Pick any sequence with either of those two from that earlier film and it will be funnier than anything in ‘Your Highness’.

Merging the fantasy and stoner comedy genres turned out to be a horrible decision on the part of the creative team. Too many subplots go nowhere (Franco’s envy of the free spirited McBride) and jokes seem borrowed (a literal chastity belt ripped from ‘Robin Hood: Men in tights’). Natalie Portman is dragged down to the level of the material thus continuing the trend of OSCAR winning actress following up the big win with a bomb. Is it the worst movie you will ever see? Probably not, but it’s the worst movie you are likely to see in cinemas this year.

Director: David Gordon Green
Stars: Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, James Franco

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