The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) – Teaser Trailer

Finally the red-band european only trailer is available online thanks to this poorly done, but watchable cam job. Not sure if the music really fits the movie, but it does pull it together in the end. The most exciting thing about this is David Fincher directing, especially after what he accomplished with The Social Network. Strangely cut to me, seems like they’re trying to sell it as more of a horror movie, but it does work, and for those who are familiar with the book you’ll recognize many of the scenes from the flashes. In my opinion this looks to be better than the Swedish made film and captures more of the mood and images I got from reading the novel. What do you think?

(The red-band was pulled from the net by Sony after this story was posted, the official green-band trailer is below, which is pretty much the same idea. I actually think this green-band one plays better than the red-band.)

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