The President’s Man 2: A Line in the Sand (2002) – Review

1 Star

Chuck Norris is back as special agent Joshua McCord in this cheap and uninteresting follow-up to the surprise hit made-for-TV movie. For the majority of its brief running time Norris is sidelined and newcomer Judson Mills handles most of the scant action. Picking up a year after the first film this sequel involves a al-Qaeda type terrorists plan to smuggle a nuclear weapon into the U.S. with the intentions of detonating it in Dallas, TX. Luckily McCord and his protege Decan (a very bland Mills) are on the job. While movies of this type are often predictable ‘The President’s Man 2’ is so by-the numbers it quickly becomes evident this is a exercise in genre formula.

Lacking a feature film size budget, and professional technicians (as evidenced by the overly grainy image) this sub par sequel tries to emulate the high-points of the original film but fails in almost every department. The acting ranges from bad to hammy and overwrought. The film is somewhat noteworthy for premiering on the heels of the 9/11 attacks and dealing with the subject of a nuclear device being detonated within our borders. It must say something about us Americans that we can find comfort in Norris kicking and punching terrorists into submission. To that I qoute “America F**k Yeah!”

Below Average

Director: Eric Norris
Stars: Chuck Norris, Judson Mills, Jennifer Tung

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