The President’s Man (2000) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Chuck Norris is back in action for this well produced and highly entertaining adventure film that was originally conceived as a made for TV movie. Although relegated to a TV size budget, ‘The President’s Man’ still manages to build a considerable amount of excitement during it’s lengthy action sequences. Riding high on the strong ratings of CBS’s hit show ‘Walker:Texas Ranger’, and staying well within his comfort zone Norris is once again playing a character none too far removed from the dozens that he’s portrayed before.

Joshua McCord (Norris) is a special aid to the reigning U.S. President in matters that require a uniquely trained solider capable of pulling off impossible feats. After the rousing opening in which McCord rescues the First Lady from the clutches of terrorist, the story shifts into the standard plot-line of the aging master looking for a suitable replacement. Dylan Neal is a disgraced solider serving time in the brig for insubordination when McCord enlists him to take on the position of ‘president’s man’. The screenplay is on the level of an above average TV show yet the stunt work headed by Chuck’s brother Eric is more akin to some of the finer work in the Norris film cannon.

The highlight of the film is seeing the stand-off between Norris and Soon-Tek Oh. Thirteen years after ‘Good Guys Wear Black’ and six years removed from ‘Missing In Action 2’, these two are still punching and kicking one another. In honesty its fantastic to see the speed and agility both men possess well into their late 50’s. Jennifer Tung is the weak-link in the picture, her character is secondary and completely unnecessary; a love-story between her and Neal’s character is hinted at but never expanded upon. The last great film from one of the defining icons of Martial Arts pictures.

Above Average

Director: Eric Norris, Michael Preece
Stars: Chuck Norris, Dylan Neal, Soon-Tek Oh

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