Inspired by Ink: Tattoos of Classic Movies

Getting any kind of tattoo needs to be carefully considered, it’s not something you can just wash off. Choosing the right artist, the right design and the right position on your body should be thoroughly thought through. Most importantly, it needs to be an awesome design idea. The last thing you want to do is be disappointed with your finished tattoo and have to spend a small fortune getting laser treatment done to have it removed.

Generally, people will get tattoos which inspire them in some way. Various things can inspire different people when it comes to deciding what their first, or next tattoo will be. In this particular case here are some people who have been inspired, and in some cases obsessed, by a fictional movie, giving them the urge to have a reference to these movies permanently inked on their bodies.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Tattoo
So you’ve got all the books, seen all the movies ten times over and got the T-shirt; What’s next? A Tattoo of course, check out this work of art that belongs to the hard-core Harry Potter fan.

This fine work of magical art features the three protagonists from the harry potter movies, Harry Potter in the centre; Hermione Granger on the left and Ron Weasley on the right.


Transformers Tattoo
These tattoos are not all they seem, they are very deceiving, they are tattoos in disguise! Who needs a pair of slippers, when you can have a perfectly good pair of Transformer heads.

Star Wars

Star Wars Tattoo
As old as the Star Wars trilogy is, there are still hundreds of thousands of hard-core fans around the world, like this guy, who appears to be ashamed of his love for Star Wars, judging by the way his face is blurred out – either that, or he doesn’t want his Mum finding out. It’s quite clear that this tattoo artist has spent a great deal of time and attention to detail on this project, which is highlighted in this almost complete design.

Star Wars Yoda Tattoo
Here is another one of everyone’s favourite Star Wars goblin, Yoda. Yet another great design with very clear attention to detail by the artist.


Chucky Tattoo
Imagine if this guy has small children and they see this cool, black and white tattoo, featuring the crazy, psychotic, murdering, living doll, Chucky. This particular piece of art looks great and the attention to detail stands out nicely in the finished product. It’s his other half you have to feel sorry for, imagine how many times she has opened her eyes to see Chucky staring right back at her, a very unpleasant experience for sure.


ET Tattoo
Possibly one of the most memorable, fictional movies of all times, E.T (extra-terrestrial) was clearly the inspiration for this tattoo. This is probably one of the more rare pieces of body art we see in today’s modern world because the friendly, lovable alien has pretty much faded from society. This particular artwork is a reference to the end of the movie, which is given away by his bright red, glowing heart, where E.T’s family are landing in their flying saucer to take him home.

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