3 Of The Best YouTube Video Makers

A lot of people argue that the people that put a lot of time and effort into YouTube are just losers with no lives and nothing better to do in their lives. Sure they might have started out as losers with nothing to do but if you take a look at a lot of the people creating videos on YouTube nowadays you will find that many of them make a living from it. There are also many creators that end up being picked out by a movie studio simply because their videos are creative, visually stunning or hilariously funny.

The three below are YouTubers that everyone really should have heard of. If you haven’t then you need to ensure you take the time to at least read this post and take a look at some of their best videos from the site as they all combine everything that has made YouTube such a success.


These guys are a comedy duo that consists of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Padilla first started the group when in 2003 he started pushing out videos on the Newgrounds site under the name they are so famous for today, Smosh. He was later joined by his now partner, Hecox and the duo was formed. Until 2008 Smosh was the most subscribed YouTube account and they are still currently sitting in the top 3. They are most famous for their Pokemon Theme Music Video which was released in 2005 and, although it was deleted for Copyright months later, it picked up around 25 million views! They now specialise in comedy sketches. Here are just a few of their best videos:




Fine Bros

The Fine Bros aka Benny and Rafi Fine are leading trans media comedy writer/director/stars and with over 100 million views across their videos online it is surprising to see just how many people still don’t know who these guys are. They first sprung onto the scene a few years ago when the GI Joe Epic Saga hit the internet. A few years later and several threats from Hasbro the Saga is still on the net and on YouTube. They also produce hilarious comedy sketches, some of which can be found below. (If you want to view GI Joe I would encourage it but will not include in this post due to the content being pretty extreme).





Freddie Wong known to most people as Freddiew is a Chinese American filmmaker famous for his fantastic VFX in his videos and it is these effects that have made him such a success on YouTube making his channel the 11th most subscribed to one in the world. His videos usually involve guns, extreme VFX and a whole lot of comedy genius. Check out some of his videos below:




Bonus! – Remi Gaillard

It would be hard for me to write a post on fantastic video makers without including the infamous Remi Galliard. Known for his outrageous comedy videos of the hidden camera type in this case actions certainly speak louder than words, enjoy.





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