Hellraiser: Revelations (2011) – Review

1 Star

Poor Pinhead, how could they show him such cinematic disrespect? Hellraiser: Revelations is a bottom of the barrel cheapie that serves more as a cash-grab than a worthwhile followup to the intense predecessors. The film is barely feature length, clocking in at 75 minutes including credits and still it feels like a long sludge through mediocrity. Amateurishly acted, scripted and directed this picture has a serious identity crisis. Teetering back and forth between, a ‘found footage’ flick and a straight up low budget horror film.

The story concerns two college age guys, Steve and Nico, who travel to Mexico in the hopes of drinking and getting laid. In the process the pair encounter a pretty local girl and after some rough bathroom stall sex she is slain. As the events unfold it becomes clear the murder isn’t an accident. Involved in the mayhem once again is Pinhead and the Cenobites. The confused screenplay trots out a cavalcade of obnoxious characters yet Hellraiser: Revelations lacks the coherence of the earlier films, though it is as equally gruesome.

This is a hardcore horror film definitely not intended for the squeamish. Those accustomed to the high-bar established by the previous outings will be greatly disappointed. In fairness the make-up and creature designs are startling, and Pinhead is still a menacing sight. Expectedly the filmmakers leave the door open for another sequel.

Director: Víctor García
Stars: Steven Brand, Sebastien Roberts, Nick Eversman

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