Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Best Multiplayer Weapon (Long-Range)

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has been out for a few weeks and by now everyone as played around with the different available weapons. A commonly asked question is which weapon is the best for multiplayer? This is almost impossible to answer because it really comes down to your own style of play and what you’re most comfortable with. Really, the best weapon is the one you get the most kills with.

To help you guys out I am going to break down the guns into long-range, medium- range, and close-range. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. I am excluding power weapons for obvious reasons. Below is a summary of the weapons at long-range.


AK-47 – With the addition of the accuracy mod the AK can still be quite effective from long-range, even with the large recoil. Obviously, you’ll need to rely on bursts rather than rapid fire and getting into mid-range should be a priority.

G-MAL – The G-MAL is a great all around weapon if you can get the hang of it. The burst shots are very effective from mid to long-range. The zoom on the gun is just enough to see most enemies on the any multiplayer map. It takes three bursts in the torso to drop someone and even from a long distance you should be able to get it done in four or so. I prefer accuracy for longer range, but Elena’s G-MAL is quite a beast, so if you’ve been lucky enough to unlock it, use it.

Dragon Sniper – If you can snipe this gun is always a good option. Many hate it because of the intense zoom and the fact that it takes two shots to kill, but if you’re good you can easily drop enemies from a distance very quickly. Positioning is key, however! Not only your positioning but your enemies as well. Engaging trapped enemies that do not have a quick escape route is the way to get kills with this gun. Protip: Use the weapon expert mod and start fights with your pistol (preferably the Raffica Pistol) after two bursts quick switch to the Dragon Sniper and finish them off with one shot.

M9 – The M9 is one of the best all-around guns in the game and I’ve seen people use it effectively from all ranges. Although it has probably the least recoil of all the guns, it still suffers from no accuracy mod which makes it pretty hit and miss from a distance in my opinion. The M9 is a great gun but from long-range there are better options.

KAL 7 – This gun should only be used at close-range, period.

FAL SS – The FAL SS is a highly effective gun once you get the hang of the recoil. The ability to kill an enemy with four bullets from any range is great for any gun. The FAL SS has nice zoom and can pick enemies apart from all ranges. It is a great mid-range gun but from long-range the recoil can hinder your ability to put someone down.

Personal Preference for Long-Range:


Although, I wouldn’t want to get in a firefight with a Dragon Sniper or T-Bolt Sniper* from long-range with the G-MAL (obviously), it is still my favorite gun to use from a distance. For all around long-range use the G-MAL is great. If you pick your spots correctly you can kill an enemy before they know what hit them. In my opinion, this is the best long-range gun when you add the accuracy mod. Because of the slow rate of fire, aim is especially important when shooting with the G-MAL. The G-MAL beat out the FAL SS in long distance shooting because of the lower recoil.

Remember only shoot at a target from long-range if you know you can kill them, otherwise you are just setting yourself up to be pick apart by the rest of his teammates.

*The T-Bolt Sniper is obviously the best long-range weapon if you include power weapons. One shot, one kill.

Check back soon for our Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception best mid-range and close-range weapon articles.

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