Code of Silence (1985) – Review

3 Stars

The sun doesn’t set, Chuck Norris stares it down. Chuck Norris doesn’t need a gun, he simply pulls his finger. The moon doesn’t revolve around the Earth, the moon revolves around Chuck Norris. Much can be said (and has) about Chuck Norris. However, Chuck Norris says very little himself. This is no exception in Code of Silence starring Chuck Norris and Henry Silva.

Norris plays Sergeant Eddie Cusack, a tough Chicago veteran cop, who watches a drug bust gone wrong that leads to a war between two rival organized gangs. To add to the tension, a tired cop, once a hero, accidently kills a young kid during the police raid, but he plants a gun on the victim to avoid prosecution. Norris has to stop the violence, bring in the mob leaders, protect the innocent, and remove the bad cop from the streets in about 101 minutes. Can Chuck Norris do it?

This film plays very well. The plot isn’t original, but there are several interesting characters involved in subplots that keep the story moving along. In addition, a younger Dennis Farina provides plenty of humorous moments throughout. The script is engaging with plenty of action and dry humor. This is one of my favorite Chuck Norris films and certainly one of his better outings. The dialogue is good and often witty. This film has higher production values than many contemporary films of this genre. Fans of 1980s and 1990s action movies will probably recognize many of the character actors that fill this movie such as John Mahoney, Ralph Foody, Joe Guzaldo, and Ron Dean.

Director: Andrew Davis
Stars: Chuck Norris, Dennis Farina, Henry Silva

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