Could DC Comics’ Booster Gold Be TV Gold?

The Syfy network is looking to bring DC comic book hero Booster Gold to TV audiences, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

With the success of comic book adaptations on both the big and small screen, including AMC’s popular The Walking Dead series, NBCUniversal is in the hunt for the next big TV hit. The cable network recently commissioned a pilot script for the futurist showboating hero.

Comic book character Booster Gold is a gifted athlete from the future who decides to travel back in time to become a superhero. Rather than wanting to help people, Booster is looking for fame and fortune. Obviously, becoming a superhero proves to be harder than he imagined and the story follows Booster through the ups and downs of superhero life.

Because of the nature of Booster Gold, this show will likely be hit or miss. If done correctly the character offers a unique and interesting take on the superhero world. If done in a cheesy manner, however, the hero could easy be seen as a joke. Audiences of today seem to be drawn to more down-to-earth heroes and realistic atmospheres. This can be achieved with Booster but the creators must walk lightly when applying comic book lore to the small screen.

Booster Gold was created by Dan Jurgens for DC Comics. The character also appeared in the final season of CW’s Smallville, played by actor Eric Martsolf.

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