The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Official iPhone/iPad Map App – Dragon Shout

Anyone who’s played The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim knows just how intimidatingly large the world map can be. Fast travel markers make it possible to keep track of most of the places you’ve visited, but not all. So, what happens when you find an awesome location that you want to revisit later? Well, you need to either write it down somewhere or mark up a physical map of the world. The game itself has no feature for keeping track of these places.

Enter, Dragon Shout. A free iOS app designed help players keep track of the areas they’ve traveled in Skyrim. The app features an interactive map of the world for players to mark and annotate as they see fit. Eventually, the app will also allow players to share their markers and journal entries with others around the world. Dragon Shout has no official release date, but sources indicate that the app should be available within the next few days. An Andriod app is also rumored to be in production, although there have been no official comments on the subject.

Check out the official Dragon Shout website for more information.

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